Episode 2 – Robyn Flynn and Feminism

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This week on the Andrew Berkshire Podcast, it’s a mini Ice Level reunion as I was joined by Robyn Flynn of TSN 690’s Centre Ice, also a producer at CJAD 800, and the official colour voice (and sometimes play-by-play) of Les Canadiennes de Montreal.

Robyn and I start the podcast with a cathartic discussion about the end of Ice Level, and how the P.K. Subban trade changed our perspectives then and now. We got into women’s hockey and the battle for supremacy between the CWHL and NWHL, when players will be paid living wages, and which league seems to have a better framework going forward.

From there, we shifted to the online harassment of women in sports media and told some horror stories of our own, and talked about the importance of being empathetic with those who experience it, not just shrugging it off.

After that we answered some questions, made Netflix suggestions, and called it a day.


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