Episode 3 – Chris Curtis and First Nations Issues

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This week on the podcast I talked to Christopher Curtis, award nominated city reporter for the Montreal Gazette, and former rookie Montreal Canadiens’ beat reporter. I’ve been wanting to get Chris on a podcast for the better part of two years, so I was excited for this one.

Chris chronicles his only year on the Habs beat, sings the praises of Eric Engels, and explains his feud with Canadiens coach Michel Therrien. We also get into the nature of sports reporting compared to regular journalism, and whether or not we should be satisfied with the way things work.

Shifting away from hockey, we had a long discussion on the issues and perceptions surrounding Canadian First Nations, and the long term impacts of abuses like the Residential School System that forcibly took children from their parents’ homes.

From there, we got a little crazy looking into the future of what we might face as a country and a society, before delving back into hockey, and ending the podcast with some movie and TV suggestions.

A special thank you goes out to patrons of the podcast: Edgar Gionet, Denis Heldens, David Mussell, Sonja Mc, Shannon Quinn, Aaron Maiden, David Auger, and Stefan Wolejszo. Next podcast I will give you all a shout out!


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