Giant Sized X-Men Podcast

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On today’s podcast Arune Singh and I are taking a deep dive on the X-Men cinematic universe.

We start from where our perspectives come from, the definitive run of X-Men comics from Chris Claremont, and the early 1990’s X-Men Cartoon with the greatest intro of any cartoon ever. I make reference to a video by KaptainKristian on the importance of colour to the X-Men, which you can watch here:

After establishing our perspectives, we go into detail on why we’re so critical of the original X-Men trilogy, despite it being a trailblazer for the medium, and our problems with the newer trilogy and how it failed to live up to expectations.

After tackling the main X-Men movies, we get into the incredible success that was Deadpool, and dive into the Wolverine trilogy, where our opinions diverge, then converge again by the time we get to Logan. It’s the longest podcast we’ve ever done, so strap in!


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