Episode 6 – Mike Johnson and Leadership

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It’s a short one this week because he’s a busy man, but former NHL player and current NHL Network analyst Mike Johnson joins the podcast to talk about some issues in hockey and hockey coverage.

Mike and I discuss one of the hotter topics in Montreal over the last couple seasons, the issue of leadership and how that’s covered in the media. Is Max Pacioretty a good  leader now? Was he a bad leader before? How much does the media know about what actually goes on in locker rooms.

Further to that point, we talk about how much locker room chemistry actually impacts performance, and whether leaders are that important in general.

From there, we talked about how analytics might be implemented for players through coaching and preparation, and asked whether that could mess with the heads of players.

We couldn’t get to questions from listeners today because of the time Mike had available, but he did give out a couple Netflix suggestions.


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