New beginnings

New beginnings

Starting with the last week of November, this will be the home of my new podcast, the Andrew Berkshire Podcast. It won’t be the same as Ice Level, because this is just me, no cohosts.

Each episode will have a single guest to talk about hockey first, but also about other topics that the guest is passionate about. So much of my life is around hockey, it’s nice to have an opportunity to talk about something else.

The goal will be to do one episode per week, but time and funding permitting, that could jump to two per week.

The podcast will be hosted on the same Soundcloud feed as Ice Level, so if you were subscribed to that on Soundcloud or iTunes, you are already subscribed. If you’re not, you can find it here for Soundcloud, here for iTunes, here for TuneIn Radio, and here for the RSS feed.

You can support the podcast by becoming a patron on the Patreon page, where there are rewards for contributing.


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